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British Muslims “Give most to charities” – Ahead of Christians, Jews, Hindus and Atheists

The Times on Monday 22nd July 2013 covered an ICM poll which found that Muslims top the league on charitable donations. The paper reports that Muslims “are among Britain’s most generous givers” donating an “average of almost £371 each, with Jewish givers averaging just over £270 per person.”

“Nearly one in ten of Jewish givers donated more than £1,000. Among Muslim givers, most donated between £300 and £500.

“Atheists, by contrast, donated an average of £116 when they gave to charity, with Roman Catholics giving slightly more than £178, other Christians slightly less than £178 and Protestants £202.”

The Huffington Post adds:

“According to the poll of 4,000, carried out in conjunction with the JustGiving website, nearly four in 10 atheists did not donate at all, compared to three in ten Muslims, Catholics and other Christians, nearly three in ten Protestants and more than four in ten Jewish people.”

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